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Safety continued to be a key focus with Bunnings striving to ensure everyone goes home safely, every day. This was reflected in a 19.2 per cent reduction in the number of injuries recorded and a 24.5 per cent reduction in the total recordable injury frequency rate. Additionally, the lost time injury frequency rate reduced by 23.6 per cent.

A number of initiatives were launched throughout the year, focused on increasing safety awareness and reducing risk in key areas. A refresh of core team member and leadership safety training programs, and development of simplified tools helped to drive safer outcomes through better learning experiences, simpler systems and the use of applications. This included an online tutorial for the ‘Hazard Spotter’ and the launch of the ‘BSAFE Training Portal’.

A new cut resistant glove was launched for all team members to use as part of the ‘Protect Your Hands’ focus, as were retractable barriers to reduce injury risk associated with falling stock at height. Forklift safety continued to be high on the agenda, with the use of virtual reality experiences being showcased to the team at the Bunnings Expos to help the team identify and manage forklift safety risks in all locations.

A strong focus on care continued throughout the year for the Bunnings team. Initiatives included providing mental health training for leaders, defibrillators installed in all Bunnings locations, and Mind Matters cards launched to enhance the team members' mental wellbeing and build resilience. A second trial was conducted for a physiotherapy program. Due to the success of the trials the physiotherapy program will be made available to all team members in the next financial year.

Safety performance


total recordable injury frequency rate
2018   14.3
2017   18.91
2016   22.6
2015   25.0
2014   29.1
1Restated due to the maturation of data