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Partnering with the community

Coles is proud of its 104-year contribution to Australia and is committed to serving the communities in which it operates.

Coles’ contribution to the community goes beyond being one of Australia’s largest employers. The business provides significant financial assistance and in-kind donations to national, state and local community partners.

In FY18, Coles direct community investment was more than $67.7 million with an additional $9.3 million contributed by customers, team members and suppliers.

This is 24 per cent increase in direct community investment compared with FY17 and a five per cent increase in contributions from customers, team members and suppliers.

Coles' national community partners are SecondBite and Redkite.

In partnership with SecondBite, Coles donates unsold edible food from its supermarkets and distribution centres to 1,300 community groups supporting disadvantaged Australians. In FY18, Coles donated more than 9 million kilograms of unsold edible food to SecondBite, equating to more than 18 million meals. Between 2011 and 30 June 2018, Coles had donated more than 31 million kilograms of unsold edible food to SecondBite, equating to more than 63 million meals. Between 2010 and 30 June 2018, Coles donated the equivalent of more than 17 million meals to Foodbank.

In addition to food donations, Coles raises funds for SecondBite through the sale of $2 donation cards and reusable shopping bags. In FY18, $2.2 million was raised by Coles’ customers and team members through the sale of these products.

Coles also supports SecondBite through team member volunteering, and technical and corporate expertise.

Coles partners with national cancer charity Redkite to provide support to children and young people with cancer and their families.

In FY18 Coles, its team members and customers provided Redkite with $5.3 million in support.

Coles’ Redkite Christmas campaign featured Gerry the Gingerbread, with 20 cents from every Gerry the Gingerbread sold donated to supporting Redkite. Since 2013, Coles has also donated five cents from the sale of every loaf of specially marked Coles Brand and Coles High Top bread to Redkite.

Coles also partners with Guide Dogs Australia, supporting it with funds raised by team members and customers, as well as through collection dogs located at Coles supermarkets.

To help young people live healthy, active lives, Coles entered into a partnership with Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia in late 2017 to provide support and resources to more than 500 athletics centres across Australia. Coles also donated two million bananas to local centres during the Little Athletics 2017/18 season.

In late 2017, Coles partnered with Clean Up Australia by becoming involved in Clean Up Australia Day and through the design of Coles’ community bags.

In conjunction with Clean Up Australia, Coles ran a bag design competition and invited primary and secondary students across Australia to design Coles' new range of reusable community bags which went on sale in June 2018. The reusable bags were launched as part of Coles' transition away from single-use plastic bags and to help raise funds for community groups, with a portion of sales provided to Clean Up Australia, SecondBite, Little Athletics and Guide Dogs Australia.

In addition to these national partnerships, Coles also supports a range of state and local initiatives which help reduce disadvantage, drive improved health outcomes, reduce environmental impacts, support the food and grocery sector and support schools and community groups.

Community contributions


2018   9.4
2017   9.0
2016   7.8
2015   7.2
2014   7.4
2018   67.8
2017   54.8
2016   43.9
2015   36.5
2014   30.5