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2018/19 priorities

  • Health and safety: The launch of a new Kmart health and safety service model.
  • Product quality and safety: Focus on building a risk-based model which facilitates early identification of product-based hazards/risks and adopting risk mitigation strategies.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Focus on improving the retention of team members with Indigenous backgrounds and on ensuring we have gender balance in leadership roles. Furthermore, the targeted employment program for team members with disability will be implemented in Western Australia and South Australia.
  • Communities: Expand on our community partnerships and activities to have greater impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of young people.
  • Energy: Further investments in building controls, lighting upgrades and peak demand management to cut energy use.
  • Waste: Continue implementing Kmart’s national ban on single use plastic shopping bags. Additionally, use the data and learnings from the Kmart waste audits to commence implementing changes to Kmart’s waste management, diversion and recycling practices and systems.
  • Ethical sourcing: Rollout of key initiatives identified in the three-year ethical sourcing program road map.
  • Sustainable materials: Make further progress towards meeting Kmart’s sustainable cotton commitment.