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Diverse teams and an inclusive place to work and shop

Kmart recognises that a diverse and inclusive place to work and shop will enable the business to build strong connections with team members and customers and will allow us to innovate and make better business decisions. Kmart’s gender balance in leadership roles increased from 41.5 per cent for women last year to 43.2 per cent for women this year. The increase was a result of enhanced leadership team focus, explicit targets and quarterly reporting of progress across all functions combined with an increased focus across the Store Operations network.

Employment of team members in Australia with Indigenous backgrounds increased from 1.3 per cent last year to 1.7 per cent this financial year. Twelve focus sto​res continued to be supported in relation to employment and community engagement and all new stores were given an employment target that reflected the percentage of Indigenous people in their community. The focus stores are following a tailored program that includes cultural awareness training, employment through our partner the Clontarf Foundation, community engagement, and an Acknowledgement of Country plaque displayed at the store to assist with employment and retention of team members with Indigenous backgrounds.

Equally important is how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers feel about shopping in our stores. Kmart engaged creative agency, Gilimbaa, to help develop a piece of Indigenous artwork from a national perspective that could express Kmart’s acknowledgement and celebration of Indigenous culture, peoples and connection to communities. Rachael Sarra is the Indigenous artist who has created this beautiful artwork titled, Ignite the Wonder. The artwork has been installed at four stores and will be installed at four other stores next year. To read more about this artwork please visit here.

The employment of people with (dis)abilities* remained a focus for Kmart this year, resulting in an additional 60 people with disability being employed across stores in Australia.

This was achieved by providing workplace adjustments and utilising a job dictionary that is used to match a candidate’s abilities with the inherent requirements of a role in store. A strong focus is placed on ensuring that team members can perform work safely in our stores and the employment offered is meaningful and sustainable.

*Kmart’s employment program places a strong emphasis on ability not disability.