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Ensuring the safety and quality of our products

Kmart customers expect that the products they buy are safe and consistent in quality. Accordingly, Kmart remains committed to meeting all product safety and compliance obligations, whilst also striving for continuous improvement in product durability and performance.

In the past year, Kmart continued its drive for improvement in the quality consistency, safety and performance of its products through a number of quality-focused activities, including:

  • Continuing to shift the reliance of quality inspections away from post-production final inspections to pre-production meetings and during-production inspections to assist in identifying quality improvements earlier in the manufacturing process.
  • Commencing formal in-store audits to survey the quality of goods being sold to customers.
  • Increasing levels of pro-active engagement with regulators in Australia and New Zealand to build constructive relationships and regulator trust in Kmart safety and compliance frameworks.
  • A customer-focused project to measure consumer confidence and perception in quality consistency and trust in Kmart apparel sizing. The results of this project are being used to focus on aspects of quality that matter most to customers, including an extensive review of Kmart’s womenswear sizing standards.
  • Extensive inspection quality calibration program for Kmart Asia Sourcing teams, suppliers certified to conduct final inspections and endorsed third party providers of inspection services, to ensure consistent interpretation and application of Kmart quality standards.