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2018/19 priorities

  • Health and safety: Implement Safety Leadership Training for operational managers and improvements to the hazard reduction program to further improve Target’s safety performance.
  • Product quality and safety: Continue to implement Target’s new product quality and safety initiatives relating to button batteries, metal contamination, and furniture and television tip-over prevention.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Foster an inclusive culture that supports Target’s team members and communities.
  • Communities: Develop a community program that supports the business strategy and allows store teams to contribute back to their communities efficiently.
  • Energy: Further investments in building controls, lighting upgrades and peak demand management to cut energy use.
  • Waste: Continue implementing Target’s national ban on single-use plastic shopping bags. Additionally, use the data and learnings from the Target waste audits to commence implementing changes to Target’s waste management, diversion and recycling practices and systems.
  • Ethical sourcing: Rollout of key initiatives identified in the three-year ethical sourcing program roadmap.
  • Sustainable materials: Make further progress towards meeting Target’s sustainable cotton commitment.