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Maximising our energy efficiency

Target continues to look at ways to reduce its carbon footprint and realise cost savings by investing in the reduction of energy consumption across its sites.

Ongoing management and investment in efficiency upgrades has delivered year-on-year reductions in electricity use of 14 per cent and 21 per cent reduction in carbon use per metre across all stores over the year.

Key activities this year included:

  • Replacement of 30,981 inefficient fluorescent tubes with LED at 26 stores.
  • Identification and management of energy events/issues via our Energy Centre.
  • Proactive management and modification of building control systems.
  • Benchmarking store energy use to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities.
  • Installing electricity meters at seven existing stores to improve visibility of use and demand.
  • Working with landlords to access meter data and improved electricity rates in existing and all new developments.

Greenhouse gas emissions


Tonnes CO2e: '000
2018   124
2017   141
2016   168
2015   188
2014   215

Since Target commenced its energy and carbon program in 2014, stores are now using 31.9 per cent less electricity and generating 36.0 per cent less carbon per metre of store building area.

Target is committed to continuing the demand, cost and carbon management activities of its Energy Centre with further investments in building controls, lighting upgrades and peak demand management over the coming year.