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2018/19 priorities

Employee Safety and Wellbeing

  • Continue to use the Safe Person, Safe Process, Safe Place vision to drive safety improvement.
  • Increase focus on identifying and addressing hazards with the potential to cause serious harm.
  • Continue to invest in the wellbeing of our people through the Wellness at WesCEF program.

Meeting our Customers’ Needs

  • Continue to offer attractive discounts while providing excellent service to WA natural gas customers.
  • Continue to build on agricultural technology offering.
  • Continue to work with ammonium nitrate emulsion customers to improve customer experience.

Supporting the communities in which we operate

  • Continue to invest in meaningful relationships within the community in which we operate.
  • Continue to extend influence in STEM education within the community in which we operate.
  • Invest in environmental community investment activities.

Operating Efficiently, Responsibly and Safely

  • Ensure capability of leadership to manage governance and compliance risk by training in Competition and Consumer Law, Anti-Bribery, HR and HSE legislation and Continuous Disclosure.
  • Maintain relationships with key regulators and industry associations to facilitate input into legislation, guidelines and industry best practice.
  • Develop and implement an ethical sourcing policy.

Environmental stewardship

  • Investigate opportunities for alternative water sources at the CSBP  Kwinana site.
  • Initiate project to divert good quality stormwater to improve nitrogen removal efficiency.
  • Continue to manage risk of legacy waste from our historical operations.

Capability, Diversity and Culture

  • Continue to improve the gender balance and inclusive cultures in our businesses and provide opportunities for Aboriginal people.
  • Build capability and culture in delivering innovation, and using data.

Keeping information safe

  • Continue to implement the information security strategy to protect WesCEF’s data and systems.