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Capability, diversity and culture

WesCEF’s workplace priorities continue to be gender balance and inclusion, Aboriginal engagement and employment, and building innovation capability.

Female representation increased from 31 per cent of total head count in FY17 to 33 per cent in FY18, and increased from 23 per cent of leadership roles in FY17 to 25 per cent in FY18, following the development of a gender balance roadmap. The roadmap included several initiatives such as leadership and development forums, scenario based-workshops about inclusive workplace behaviour and a continued focus on flexibility and gender balance in recruitment.

Despite continued efforts to increase Indigenous employee representation, headcount remained at a similar level at 27 employees, representing 2.2 per cent of the workforce. Positive progress was made in educating major on-site contractors about best practice in building relationships with the Aboriginal community and creating Aboriginal employment opportunities. Click here for more information.

WesCEF’s focus on building workforce capability in innovation continues with a series of internal workshops, guest speakers and establishing relationships with innovation thought leaders. In addition WesCEF has provided support for employees to participate in external events including hackathons, competitions and mentoring opportunities. A dedicated innovation space for employees was created during the year at WesCEF’s corporate office. This space has enabled employees to share ideas and discuss opportunities in an informal environment to build capability in innovation.