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Keeping information safe

This year, WesCEF worked with local and national cyber security partners to develop a strategy to safeguard our information and systems and to bring our security position in line with industry standards.This work ensures that WesCEF's systems will continue to be reliable and stable while meeting the unique needs of our businesses.

In the year, there was a significant decrease in the amount of incidents related to malware and phishing activities on WesCEF systems. This was due to new perimeter and internal security technologies being implemented. WesCEF is working towards improving visibility of all security events as well as a reduction in the amount of vulnerabilities that may be used to exploit systems.

A small number of Kleenheat customers were recently affected by an unauthorised data breach to a third party service. The customers who entered details in the third party site were notified and their data has since been removed.

GRI 418-1