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Meeting customers' needs

WesCEF businesses continually look for ways to add value for our customers. We regularly review our product and service offerings to ensure that they meet our customers’ needs of cost-efficiency and reliable supply in increasingly competitive markets.

CSBP commenced supply of ammonium nitrate emulsion in the year following construction of a production plant at its Kwinana facility. The first product was delivered to CSBP’s foundation emulsion customer in October 2017. During the year, CSBP worked closely with the customer to optimise the product and ensure it met the customer’s needs.

Kleenheat has maintained strong results in customer acquisition and satisfaction in the year and enjoyed the recognition of a customer service award for natural gas retailers for the second consecutive year. 

Recently, CSBP’s ammonia plant experienced an issue which caused it to shut down and prevented operations continuing. This has affected the production of ammonia and CO2 while CSBP works to repair the equipment in the most efficient and safe manner. Unfortunately, CO2 supply will be impacted until the plant is operational. However, CSBP has increased its import of ammonia to ensure demand is met.