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Operating efficiently and responsibly

WesCEF recognises its obligation to operate in a responsible manner that meets stakeholder expectations, and continues to focus on efficiency and growth while maintaining strong governance, risk management and safety performance.

Unfortunately, during the year, there were five occasions when environmental, occupational health and safety, security or process safety regulatory requirements were not fully met. Pleasingly, this has reduced from 25 non-conformances in 2017. None of these events resulted in any material environmental harm, injury, prosecution or fine. Click here for additional detail on these events.

Training was conducted on key governance policies including competition and consumer law, anti-bribery, and diversity and equality. Efforts to enhance governance awareness continued with ‘Policy of the Month’ communications, where key policies are made available for discussion in team meetings across WesCEF.

WesCEF commenced a review of its supply arrangements to facilitate development of an ethical sourcing policy.

This year, CSBP successfully commissioned an ammonium nitrate bagging plant.  The automated plant increased efficiency by improving bagging capacity and quality and reducing manual handling. The plant set new output records consistently producing just over 100 bags per hour and is an excellent example of innovation in action.