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Health and safety

The Health and Safety strategy focuses on four pillars: governance, operational excellence, physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing. WIS' total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) improved by 18 per cent in FY18 with hazard/near miss reporting, walk the talks and branch plan completion rates all above target.  Further progress has been achieved in mitigating critical risks across the group through targeted key risk projects.

Health and wellbeing initiatives across WIS included refreshing Employee Assistance Program Provider, 10,000 step physical activity challenge, delivery of a health and wellbeing survey to inform program development and Blackwoods delivered a series of life stage planning workshops to mature employees. In the operational excellence program, difficult to manoeuvre magnetic hoops which are used in embroidery processes were swapped out in Blackwoods to reduce hazardous manual tasking on heavy garments. The initial scoping of distribution centre upgrades was completed utilising an ergonomic expert to inform design of tasks and physical environments.

Safety performance


total recordable injury frequency rate
2018   6.6
2017   8.1
2016   9.2
2015   11.4
2014   11.0