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People development

We aim to build both functional and leadership capabilities through the development, execution and evaluation of programs that deliver tangible outcomes aligned to business objectives.

Three key focus areas for the year were sales competence, frontline leadership development, and commercial acumen. WIS built and delivered a sales program called SEAD Fundamentals aimed at establishing a best in class selling methodology for all sales team members. We delivered 35 programs across Australia and New Zealand reaching over 350 external sales employees and six programs reaching over 100 inside sales team members. We also delivered six Strategic Selling program to over 70 senior sales leaders.

In regards to frontline leadership, we built and delivered a three day program and delivered 13 nationally reaching over 140 employees. Finally, we rolled out a four hour Commercial Fundamentals program geared at all employees and delivered 96 programs to over 944 employees in varied roles and levels of seniority. The focus going forward is to embed the new learnings through on the job coaching.