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Restoring Australia

As a leading retailer of office supplies, Officeworks understands the importance of sustainable sourcing of products that contain wood-fibre. Officeworks requires suppliers of paper and wood-based products to disclose detailed information, including timber species, before products can be ordered to ensure that no illegal timber enters the supply chain. In addition, Officeworks supports FSC-certified products, which promotes responsible and sustainable management of the world’s forests, providing traceability via the chain of custody process to the origin of the raw materials.

During 2017/18, 68 per cent of all paper products sold were either FSC-certified or 100 per cent recycled.

For furniture suppliers that cannot provide FSC certified products, a third party undertakes a chain of custody audit to verify the legality of timber sources. All suppliers of timber and wood based products to Officeworks are required to adhere to the Officeworks’ Sustainable Wood-Fibre Sourcing Policy.

Officeworks commitment to the sustainable sourcing of wood-fibre products has enabled the business to launch Restoring Australia, an Australian-first initiative which aims to plant two trees for every one used, based on the weight of paper-based products purchased by Officeworks customers.

Launched in July 2017, during the past 12 months Officeworks, in partnership with Greening Australia, has planted 200,000 trees throughout sites in Tasmania, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.  

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