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community contributions



Community contributions

We make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Community contributions

Coles donated two million bananas to local Little Athletics centres across Australia during the year, helping to give little athletes a nutritional boost at training.

Wesfarmers is a successful company, and one that creates value for all its stakeholders. As a result, we have a significant positive impact on the Australian economy.

The wealth created by the Group during the year was $69.9 billion which, in one form or another, was distributed to our various stakeholders.

Wesfarmers is Australia’s largest private sector employer with more than 217,000 employees. The vast majority of our shares are held in Australia, and we invest in the local communities where our businesses operate.

In 2018, the Wesfarmers Group contributed $86.6 million in direct funding to community organisations across Australia and New Zealand and other regions where we operate. The Group also facilitated donations from customers and employees totalling $60.9 million this year.

Community contributions


2018   60.9
2017   59.3
2016   53.8
2015   52.9
2014   50.8
2018   86.6
2017   72.9
2016   57.8
2015   50
2014   44.6

Wesfarmers is among Australia’s top 10 taxpayers paying more than $2.1 billion in taxes and royalties. Our Tax Contribution Report is available here.

Wesfarmers has always believed that a strong business environment is underpinned by a cohesive and inclusive community environment. 

Reflecting the divisional autonomy of the Wesfarmers Group, each of our businesses has its own approach and strategy to community investment. Information about each business’ community partnership program is contained in their sections of this Report, as well as in Our data.

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