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Training and development

Wesfarmers’ divisions provide numerous job-specific and career development training opportunities that cover technical skills, customer service, team work, leadership, and much more. These programs are available to full-time, part-time and casual employees.

At a Wesfarmers Group level, the talent team focus is on the potential and capability of our leadership teams and general managers, ensuring that they have the capabilities we require for today and for the future, as reflected in our values and leadership model below.

We focus on setting standards for talent, leading cross-divisional talent development processes and supporting the individual development of our most critical and highest potential leaders.

This year Wesfarmers has also launched a Group-wide investment in awareness and capability building associated with data analytics, in line with one of our strategic focus areas.

Our processes for identifying, developing and retaining talent are categorised into four work streams:  Know, Grow, Connect, and Include, as shown below.

Our key Group leadership development and talent management-related activities for 2017/18 include:

  • Facilitating twice yearly divisional talent reviews, focused on divisional leadership team bench-strength and succession; chaired by the Managing Director and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Providing bespoke 360 degree assessments and individual development plans for more than 60 general managers and leaders in critical divisional leadership team roles
  • Developing a leader-led Wesfarmers Commercial Leadership program to be rolled out to all divisional leadership team members and GMs in FY 2018/19
  • Providing training on analytics for leaders and a new role of ‘translators’ across all businesses
  • Delivering and distributing WEStalks – 15 talks on leadership challenges and personal storytelling accessible to all team members via a mobile platform
  • Launching an HR community of practice across the Group to share and strengthen practices