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Ethical sourcing and human rights training

Wesfarmers businesses deliver training on ethical sourcing requirements to our team members, third-party auditors and suppliers to ensure they understand ethical sourcing risks and the standards expected by our divisions.

Our divisions delivered more than 3,500 hours of training to more than 2,500 people demonstrating our commitment to improving our teams' understanding of this issue.

Our divisions continuously review and make enhancements to ensure our ethical sourcing programs run effectively and meet industry standards and the expectations of our customers and stakeholders. The ethical sourcing teams in the divisions participate in forums and seminars and have regular discussions with other stakeholders including retailers, industry associations, non-government organisations and third-party audit firms to understand emerging trends and risks. 

Our cross-business ethical sourcing forum meets quarterly to share best practice and audit program outcomes, and ethical sourcing practices are reported regularly to the Wesfarmers Audit and Risk Committee, a subcommittee of the Wesfarmers Board.

We train 100 per cent of team members who work in ethical sourcing roles as well as key personnel. Training and capacity building is an area that requires ongoing focus.

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