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Australian-first at Coles

Coles is committed to building strong and collaborative relationships with Australian farmers, producers and growers.

Coles has an Australian-first sourcing policy to provide Australian-grown fresh produce as a first priority.

In FY18, 96 per cent of fresh produce and 100 per cent of fresh lamb, pork, chicken, beef, milk and eggs was sourced from Australian suppliers.

In line with the Australian-first sourcing policy, this year Coles announced its aim to become the first Australian national grocery retailer to sell only Australian-grown lemons all year round. The business is working with a Queensland supplier to fill the seasonal gap when Australian lemons were previously not available for Coles’ customers.

Coles also supports Australian producers and growers with long-term contracts. In April 2018, Coles signed a 10-year agreement with Laurent to provide Coles supermarkets with a range of artisan-style stone-baked sourdough bread. In recent years, Coles has also signed ten-year agreements with TOP Pork Pty Ltd and Sundrop Farms, a nine-year contract with milk supplier Norco and an eight-year agreement with Manbulloo Mangoes. Coles also has a long term contract with Simplot to supply Australian-grown vegetables which were previously sourced overseas.

Coles complies with country of origin labelling requirements which came into effect in July 2018, to provide transparency around product origin.

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