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Materiality process


To identify which issues to address in this report, we undertake a robust materiality process for each division and at a Group level.

Divisional process

Each division gathers feedback from its stakeholders, then prioritises its most material issues which are then addressed on its own page of the report, in accordance with the disclosures required under the Global Reporting Initiative Standards.

Group process

1. Review inputs using assessment criteria to develop list of issues 

We engage with a range of stakeholders during the year and draw on their feedback and other sources to complete the materiality process. The inputs for the Report include analysis of important issues for:

  • Peers
  • Investors and analysts
  • NGOs
  • Media
  • Government
  • Our divisions
  • Senior management
  • Key functions such as risk and governance
  • Team members

This year we developed a scoring criteria for all stakeholder groups which will be used year on year to ensure a consistent approach.

2. Prioritise issues 

Identified issues are prioritised according to their potential financial or reputational impact on the company (business impact) and the company's ability to influence the issue (external stakeholder concern). 

3. Validate 

The issues were reviewed during and at the end of the process. Sources of information to check for completeness included the UN Sustainable Development Goals and an external corporate reputation survey.

4. External review

Ernst & Young reviewed this process to make sure the Report reflects the importance both the business and external stakeholders place on these issues.

Our materiality process was carried out in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards.

Our material issues this year

This year customer privacy emerged as a new material issue. Human rights and ethical sourcing increased significantly in importance. All other material issues maintained their position on the matrix. 

Our people

  •  We maintain a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces.

  • We provide opportunities for our people to enhance their job performance and develop their careers. 

  • We strive to create an inclusive work environment, with particular attention to gender diversity and the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


  •  We commit to strong and respectful relationships with our suppliers.

  • We strive to source products in a responsible manner while working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental practices.




If there is an issue you don't think we have adequately addressed in the Report, please let us know here.

GRI 102-46, GRI 102-47, GRI 103-1