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Growing the Coles Farm Program


The Coles Farm Program helps suppliers to support the environment.

Established in 2014, the Coles Farm Program helps growers and farmers capture the positive activities they are undertaking to support the environment. The program supports product traceability and also provides a platform for Coles’ suppliers to gather and share information on farming practices.

The Coles Farm Program helps Coles understand where growers might need support or information. For example, as a result of feedback captured through the program, Coles organised seminars with suppliers to discuss on-farm energy management and integrated pest management.

The Program also helps Coles understand how farmers are addressing other issues such as biodiversity. For example, information provided in the self-assessment has revealed that 269 Graze beef suppliers have planted more than two million trees since the program began in 2014.

During FY18, the number of growers involved in the program grew by 10 per cent to 631 participants.

Under the program, product-specific steering committees are being established to provide another mechanism to engage with suppliers.

The Coles Farm Program is another way Coles is assisting its suppliers to improve their farming operations and drive more sustainable practices.