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Introducing transport safety forums


Coles’ Transport Safety Forums aim to improve safety for the transport industry and wider community

In FY18, Coles’ supply chain team established a Transport Safety Forum with partners including transport carriers, road regulators and state police. The vision is to achieve an industry leading supply chain.

The Forum aims to build relationships and provide a collaborative environment for supply chain partners to work together to improve safety for the transport industry and the wider community. It enables the consistent management review of safety performance across supply chain operations and identifies areas for network improvement.

The forum charter sets out the requirement that three forums will be held per year.

During FY18, a transport safety policy was developed, and processes were reviewed for load restraint certifications, vehicle fleet standards and incident management.

The Transport Safety Forum also provides a mechanism for Coles to discuss changes in safety legislation with its key stakeholders.

The Supply Chain team is committed to continuing this forum into FY19 to deliver further transport safety improvements across the network.

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