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Officeworks develops a safety first framework


New safety training for all Officeworks team members was rolled out in March 2018 with over 80 per cent of all team members trained to date.

The strategic goal for making 'Officeworks Safer than Ever' is reliant on all team members practising safety every day, both at work and at home. Officeworks believes being as healthy and able as possible, to enjoy life at every stage, is a goal everyone should aspire to. 

During the year the Officeworks leadership team recognised that there had been significant improvements in incidents and injuries in the five years prior to 2017, but there was still an opportunity to enhance safety practices for further prevention of incidents. The Officeworks Safety First framework was developed to clearly communicate the expected behaviours for all team members and it has been integrated into processes such as incident investigation and embedded in the safety leadership training, called 'Safety Starts with You'.

Training for all team members began in March 2018 with over 80 per cent of all team members trained to date. Every team member completing the training makes a personal commitment to safety. This framework will continue to be embedded in Officeworks' ways of working as it aims to further improve its safety culture. 

At Officeworks, a safety mindset is not about being able to avoid all risk or not doing an activity, it is about being able to see the risks involved and then choosing the safest way of doing it.

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